I usually write, edit, and give talks from the banks of the Chesapeake Bay. I write in a variety of styles — the Africa that I knew and loved in Zam-zim of the early 1990’s, futuristic utopian stories, and a sprinkling of nonfiction review pieces. My Tanzania experience was rich and complex, wonderful and difficult. My pages and pages and pages of notes and ideas have become two novel manuscripts.

I’ve also been writing about the landscape of my origins, the Great Northern Plains and my childhood. Three stories have emerged and been published.

In 2011 I published a fund-raiser anthology, Their Voices Their Stories. Then in 2012 my novel, Chasing the Leopard, was published. In 2010 I gained a Pushcart nomination and 6 publications.  “Chasing the Leopard” which was honored as a Finalist for Barbara Kingsolver’s Bellwether Prize.

For me, writing is thinking, writing is sharing experience.