Zimbabwe was a paradise in the early 1990's. A truly beautiful, friendly place that fed much of sub-Saharan Africa. The latest news is cautiously positive. Morgan Tsvangirai has rejoined Mugabe's fake coalition. There was a wonderful story in the news about the Zimbabwean Education Minister David Coltart fighting Mugabe by paying the teachers hard currency wages and reopening schools. Coltart first met Mugabe when he was an exiled Zimbabwean college student. Mugabe, then freedom fighter, encouraged Coltart to come home from South Africa and help build their country.

Odd how things go around: it gives me hope. Sanity will return to the region and somebody will restore Zimbabwe; I keep writing so people keep thinking about it.

Another African story, "Zambian Poker" has just found a home in the Santa Clara Review.

Two other edgy Central African stories, "Fancy Man" and "Brothers Killing Brothers" are in circulation.

The Chimaera picked up "Never Trust a Musunga with Dusty Shoes" for its in Sept/October 2008 issue. Here is the link. Take a look.

We have to keep talking about it, reading about it, and try to do something about it. Africa's AIDS, corruption, hunger won't just go away.